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Business for peace

In 2014, G4S committed its support for the UN Global Compact Business for Peace initiative.
supporting peace and stability

The initiative aims to help businesses implement responsible practices while operating in high-risk and conflict-affected areas. It also aims to help ensure that companies bring about a positive change to the regions in which they are operating by promoting stability, beneficial development and the advancement of peace.

As a socially responsible company, G4S reinforces its commitment to Business for Peace through working alongside governments and non-governmental organisations in high-risk environments to support humanitarian, stabilisation and economic reconstruction efforts

Business for Peace is designed to help companies implement responsible business practices while operating in high-risk and conflict-affected areas. The initiative also aims to ensure that companies bring about positive change to the regions in which they are operating by promoting stability, positive development and the advancement of peace. G4S works alongside NGOs and governments in high-risk environments to support humanitarian, stabilisation and reconstruction efforts. Business for Peace helps to reinforce our commitment to being a socially responsible business.

Mine Action

G4S Ordnance Management teams support humanitarian and reconstruction programmes around the world through stockpile control, bomb disposal and the removal of landmines and unexploded remnants of war.

Our personnel are recognised as experts in the location, identification and safe removal of landmines and other ordnance and the destruction of conventional weapons and stockpiled munitions.

Since 2006, G4S has been supporting the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) throughout South Sudan. In this role, our primary objectives are to:

  • contribute to the reduction of the threat and impact of landmines and other remnants of war created by the ongoing conflict in South Sudan and the legacy of the civil war in pre-independence Southern Sudan
  • contribute to the protection of civilians by improving safe access for humanitarian groups to the communities affected by the conflict
  • contribute to the socio-economic development of South Sudan by enabling contaminated land to be cleared of landmines and released to local communities for agriculture or commerce

The children of local communities are particularly at risk from landmines which may be laid across land previously used for farming or could be collected by them for scrap and recycling value. We are supporting our sustainable legacy in South Sudan, by delivering education programmes to children and adults on the danger posed by landmines and other unexploded ordnance.

Since 1997, our specialist teams have located and destroyed more than 200,000 landmines and over 20 million items of unexploded ordnance around the world. In the process, as well as saving lives,G4S teams have returned over 1,000 square kilometres of land to productive use, either for commerce or agriculture, and cleared more than 40,000 houses, allowing people to return to their homes.

supporting international development

For over a decade, G4S has provided integrated security platforms, as well as specialist training, advisory and other services to the UK’s Foreign Office, Department for International Development and other key agencies and partners. Enabling them to achieve their objectives relating to the stabilisation and reconstruction of difficult post-conflict environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somaliland. 

Raising Standards

G4S is a founder signatory to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (2010).  The Code was developed by representatives of the security industry (including G4S), civil society and the Swiss, US and UK governments. 

Based on international human rights standards, the Code sets out the principles for security operations in so-called "complex environments" - areas experiencing or recovering from disaster or unrest and where governments and the rule of law are weak.  It covers recruitment, vetting and training of staff; the use of force by security officers, including the handling of firearms, health and safety; and reporting and complaints handling.

G4S Tanzania was granted membership to the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) in 2019. Since 2015, our specialist 'complex-environments' business, G4S Risk Management has been fully accredited to ASIS PSC1 and ISO 18788 standards which demonstrates G4S Risk Management's commitment, conformance and accountability to the principles outlined in the ICOC and the Montreux Document.