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Mount Gambier Prison Australia

G4S has operated Mount Gambier Prison since 1995 and in September 2017 was awarded a new five-year contract which includes an option of a further term of up to five years. 
mount gambier prison, Australia

Mount Gambier Prison, the only privately-run prison in South Australia, is a medium-security men’s prison with a capacity of 493 beds. Taking over as general manager at the prison is the previous deputy director for G4S-managed HM Prison Rye Hill in the UK.

As the new contract begins, the team will be developing new partnerships with the local community. These will include support services and technology partners. Rehabilitation and reintegration services will be provided, as well as programmes aiming to reduce prisoners’ risks of reoffending, thus supporting the Government’s policy to achieve a 10% reduction by 2020 and aiding reintegration back into the community.

The prison’s management team will also continue to work alongside the State on the planned expansion of the facility, engaging with the community and providing significant employment opportunities in the region.

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