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Saving customers money whilst delivering modern security


Saving customers money, whilst delivering modern security better than ever before.

G4S developed RISK360, bringing security into the 21st century. It combines various security resources to provide customers with an integrated solution and by doing this we become risk management partners to our customers, addressing their enterprise wide risk management.

Our risk experts use this tool to better understand and map the customer’s risk environment. Our solutions architects lead multi-skilled teams to design bespoke, integrated solutions, and manage the implementation and operation of these solutions.

RISK360 enables us to have centralised command and control over multiple operations in our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). From the GSOC we can perform remote site supervision and vehicle surveillance and, by integrating standard operating procedures into the system, manage incidents centrally. Through automated workflows we escalate and communicate professionally and can deploy tactical intervention teams and emergency services.

The system equips management with real time dashboards and management reports. Operational KPIs such as proof of presence, security officer patrol monitoring and occurrence reporting are automated, resulting in more accurate reporting and data collection. Our analyst uses the system to enhance insight into threats facing the
customer’s business. It gives us hot-spot and early warning which frees up resources and helps to protect lives.

The customer uses RISK360 to have peace of mind that their risk solution is working. Using the system, the customer can measure its effectiveness, and shape their solution to fit an ever changing landscape. Addressing enterprise wide risk through bespoke integrated solutions, means we save our customers money, whilst delivering modern security, better than ever before.