Cash Solutions

G4S provides cash solutions in 44 countries, maintaining either the number one or number two position in 41 of those markets. 
Retail cash solutions

Cash Solutions strategy:

  • Safe and secure operations for our people and valuables in our cash businesses in 44 countries
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of our conventional cash business network of vehicles, vaults and cash centres serving banks and retailers to encourage them to outsource more of their cash management activities and grow our market share
  • Drive growth through the expansion of our Cash Technology activities which offer tremendous value to all retail and banking partners through lower costs and increased ease in handling cash. These services have low penetration and strong growth potential in both existing markets such as the United States and new markets


  • We provide cash solutions and services that materially improve the control and efficiency of our customers’ cash handling.
  • We continue to invest in innovative products and services such as Retail Cash Solutions, CASH360, Deposita and bank branch automation.
  • We believe that we have a significant opportunity to extend and grow our new technology and services across our global markets
G4S - Cash Solution - Business Models


Cash Solutions – Retail Solutions and bank‑branch automation

For our financial and retail customers, we have developed a number of innovative and efficient services.

  • Automated cash solutions for retailers – we have over 23,300 (2017: 19,800) cash technology installations, often combined with our software and managed service and have a strong and growing pipeline. This bespoke solution covers smart safes and cash recyclers, including our own Deposita equipment in emerging markets through to full cash management automation solutions for some of the world’s largest retailers (see case study opposite).
  • Automated bulk-teller solution for banks – the Deposita solution of hardware, proprietary software and managed service is also being used in bank branches.
  • Mobile banking service – due to the increase in electronic payments and internet banking, traditional bank branch usage has declined in some markets, resulting in bank branch closures. However, the banks recognise the value of personal interaction with customers and so in some developed and emerging markets G4S has launched a mobile banking service using the skills and fleet of our traditional cash-in-transit business.
  • G4S Pay is a new service launched in the Netherlands, which enables retailers with our Retail Cash Solution to process not only cash payments, but electronic payments with the same software platform.

G4S Cash Solutions

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