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We transport, process, recycle, securely store and manage cash and we provide secure international logistics for cash and valuables.

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G4S Cash Solutions is one of a small number of large, global cash businesses and is the market leader or number two in 40 of its 42 markets. Each market is highly regulated, often by central banks, and the business requires significant infrastructure and expertise. G4S competes with local, national and a small number of international competitors.

Cash volumes in most developed markets are flat or gradually declining at an aggregate market level. Cash usage continues to increase in emerging markets. The Group sees significant revenue-growth opportunities in providing technology solutions to reduce the cost and increase the ease of using cash for banks and retailers.

Our approach

We transport, process, recycle, store securely and manage cash, and provide secure international logistics for cash and valuables. Our strategy is designed to enable us to aggregate cash-handling volumes through cost leadership and product and service differentiation.

We invest in technology and sell proprietary cash-management systems which combine skilled professionals with software, hardware and operational support in an integrated, managed service. To support cost leadership we strive for a consistent operating model and use shared services to maximise efficiency.
We operate around the globe, focusing on markets where we are able to build and sustain a material market share in our key service offerings. Outside the traditional cash market, there remains significant opportunity for retail cash and bank branch automation – services that have mainly remained in-house until now.

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Cash Solutions

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Retail Cash Solutions 

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