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Annual Information Update

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G4S plc announces, in accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2, that the following information has been published or made available to the public over the twelve months ending 11 May 2010 in compliance with laws and rules dealing with the regulation of securities, issuers of securities and securities markets:

Regulatory Information Service announcements

Copies of these announcements are on the ‘Market News’ page of the London Stock Exchange website at apart from those marked with an asterisk, which are announced only on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Date                Announcement
11/05/09         Publication of Final Terms of bond issue
11/05/09         Interim Management Statement
13/05/09         Sterling Bond Issue
15/05/09         Annual Information Update
21/05/09         Change of Director’s Details
27/05/09         AGM Resolutions
04/06/09         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
02/07/09         Voting Rights and Capital
03/08/09         Voting Rights and Capital
24/08/09         Half-yearly Results
03/09/09         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
15/09/09         Interim Dividend*
05/10/09         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
07/10/09         PDMR’s Dealings
26/10/09         Acquisition of Control Systems Argentina
02/11/09         Voting Rights and Capital
03/11/09         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
06/11/09         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
09/11/09         Interim Management Statement
11/11/09         Directors’ and PDMRs’ Dealings
17/11/09         Acquisition of Adesta
23/11/09         Acquisition of All Star International
23/11/09         Change to the Role of a Director
30/11/09         Acquisition of Hill & Associates
01/12/09         Voting Rights and Capital
02/12/09         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
03/12/09         Change of Director’s Details
04/12/09         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
04/12/09         Notification of Major Shareholding*
04/01/10         Acquisition of Adesta
04/01/10         Acquisition of Nuclear Security Services Corporation
04/01/10         Voting Rights and Capital
08/01/10         Purchase of Shares by Employee Benefit Trust
20/01/10         Financial Calendar for 2010
16/02/10         Change of Director’s Details
03/03/10         Voting Rights and Capital
16/03/09         Preliminary Results Announcement
18/03/10         Directors’ and PDMRs’ Dealings
22/03/10         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
22/03/10         Notification of Change in Major Shareholding*
23/03/10         Correction to Record Date
23/03/10         Dividend Details and Correction to Record Date*
23/03/10         Directors’ and PDMRs’ Dealings
24/03/10         Directors’ and PDMRs’ Dealings
24/03/10         Directors’ and PDMRs’ Dealings – correction
26/03/10         Director’s Dealing
07/04/10         Change of Director’s Details
20/04/10         Notice of AGM*
20/04/10         Annual Financial Report
20/04/10         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
20/04/10         Notification of Change in Major Shareholding*
26/04/10         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
26/04/10         Notification of Change in Major Shareholding*
04/05/10         Interim Management Statement
06/05/10         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
11/05/10         Notification of Major Interest in Shares
11/05/10         Notification of Change in Major Shareholding*

Documents filed at Companies House

These documents have been filed with the Registrar of Companies and copies can be obtained from Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ or through the Companies House Direct website at  

Date              Document              Description
14/05/09         AA                         Accounts to 31/12/08
28/05/09         RES 09/10//11        AGM Resolutions
13/07/09         88(2) X 2                Allotment of shares
11/08/09         88(2)                     Allotment of shares
06/10/09         AD02                     SAIL address created
06/10/09         AD03                     Register moved to SAIL address
20/10/09         SH01 X 2                Statement of capital
10/11/09         SH01                     Statement of capital
27/11/09         SH01                     Statement of capital
30/11/09         SH01                     Statement of capital
04/01/10         AR01                     Annual Return
04/01/10         SH01                     Statement of capital
07/04/10         misc                      Increase in authorised capital
07/04/10         SH01                     Statement of capital 

Copies of all documents referred to above can be obtained from the Company Secretary at:

G4S plc
The Manor
Manor Royal
West Sussex
RH10 9UN

In accordance with Article 27(3) of the Prospectus Directive Regulation, it is acknowledged that, whilst the information referred to above was accurate at the time of publication, some information may, due to changing circumstances, have become out-of-date.

Peter David
Company Secretary