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Dealings by Directors and Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility

Dealing by Person Discharging Managerial Responsibility

(Disclosures made in accordance with DTR 3.1.2R)

On 20 March 2015, the Company granted the following conditional allocations of its ordinary shares under the Company's 2015 Long Term Incentive Plan to the following persons discharging managerial responsibility within the Company ("PDMRs"):

 PDMR  Shares allocated 
 Ashley Almanza
 Grahame Gibson
 Himanshu Raja
 Andy Baker
 Martin Alvarez
 John Kenning
 Dan Ryan
 Graham Levinsohn
 Mel Brooks
 Irene Cowden
 Soren Lundsberg-Nielsen
 Peter Neden
 Debbie Walker

Allocations vest after three years and are subject to performance and employment criteria.  

Peter David
Company Secretary