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Building Trust With Security Solutions

A wealth management firm was concerned about internal theft, and the risk to their reputation if they were to experience a breach of their customer’s data. Here’s how G4S installed a comprehensive system to monitor their premises and keep data secure.


One of G4S’s customers is a British multinational wealth management firm. They are well known for offering wealth management, financial planning and pension investing advice to businesses, individuals and trustees. This large firm has over 30 estates across the UK, and they wanted to prevent theft of desk property within offices across their estates. They wanted to set up a centrally managed CCTV and intruder system that would notify them of any out-of-hours entry.

They aimed to establish tiered levels of access for their staff, depending on seniority and access requirements. In addition, it was also very important that their physical security programme complemented their cyber security to meet the challenge. A data breach could be devastating to their reputation and erode the trust of their customer base, so safeguarding against this was essential.

G4S already had a long-standing relationship with the customer for over 10 years, and we created a multicomponent solution that was designed around their specific needs. 


The customer wanted to present themselves to the public as an up-to-date, forward-thinking organisation. They wanted to be seen as modern and innovative, with top-of-the-line security technology that would create a strong impression with clients and staff.

To achieve these goals, G4S designed a unique security system that featured top-of-the-line, next generation technology. The primary goal for the solution which encompasses many systems, was to prevent any unauthorised access to customer data. The goal was also to reduce the levels of theft on company property. 


The multifaceted system that G4S provided covered several aspects of security, including access control, CCTV, intruder systems, a key management system and a stand-alone ANPR system. These components were installed at the customer’s West Country site in 2020, and following this initial installation, the technology has expanded across the estate over a period of time.

Some of the main aspects of the solution were:

State-Of-The-Art Access Control
 A bluetooth enabled access control system was installed, which allowed staff members to enter authorised areas with their smartphones (instead of the old method of printed access cards.)  We did this by leveraging their IT infrastructure into a single enterprise wide system, which allowed us to monitor any unauthorised access across the entire estate from one central location.


CCTV & Intruder Alarm Systems
Multiple stand-alone CCTV systems were set up, with built-in analytics that would draw attention to any unusual or inappropriate behaviour. These systems were installed in every office across the estate, and they were serviced and maintained by G4S engineers. If the intruder alarm system was activated by an out-of-hours entry, the alarm response would go to the G4S Alarm Receiving Centre, which operates on a 24*7 basis and triggers the appropriate response agreed with the customer.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System
This customer also wanted a way to control and monitor which vehicles had access to their sites, so an ANPR System was installed. This is a simple and highly effective system that scans a vehicle’s number plate to activate the entry gates, and can be set up for visitors, staff, contractors and more. There’s no limit to the number of authorised vehicles that can be added to the database, and each one can be assigned a period of validity which will expire and require re-validation. The database will also keep track of all vehicles entering and exiting the premises.


Key Management System
Another aspect of the solution offered was installing programmable key cabinets to store building keys. This ensures that all keys are always secure and exactly in their correct position for fast access. This allowed the customer to set up tiered levels of access to the keys for their staff, depending on seniority and other access requirements. It also provided a clear audit trail to evidence who was in possession of the key at any point in time.



Thanks to the increased surveillance in key locations, the customer had full visibility at all times and reduction in theft of company property. The higher level of safety of property on site led to an overall increase in staff morale and performance.

The access control system that provided tiered access to key areas was successful in reducing the risk of data breaches and protecting data. The customer was no longer nervous about damaging their reputation due to a data breach. They now had a secure solution in place to prevent any access to customers’ data. 


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