Going beyond traditional security
for mining communities in Peru


And in recognition of this G4S in South America is going beyond providing physical security of the client’s assets and personnel and is playing a part in helping to ensure that impact is a positive one.

In Peru, for example, G4S works with several large mining companies that often contribute to neighbouring towns and villages by building new schools and community centres to benefit local people.

But this alone may not be enough to ease tension between the mining industry and communities in which they operate.

So G4S has become heavily involved in promoting good relations with the community.

“For G4S in Peru, security is not just the protection of people and assets,” said Carlos Ríos, G4S Operations Coordinator at Barrick.

“By anticipating long-term tensions, it helps to avoid potential conflict, brings tangible benefits to communities and fosters closer relationships.

“We get involved in a number of ways, chiefly by promoting the use of the new facilities, for example by organising family days at the school, soccer coaching or donation of equipment.”

“By anticipating long-term tensions, it helps to avoid potential conflict, brings tangible benefits to communities and fosters closer relationships.


One customer for which this approach is paying dividend is Minera Barrick Misquichilca, for whom G4S provides services in safety, control room monitoring, supervision, access control and executives’ security.

Since July 2013, G4S has also secured ore mining operations in Pierina and Lagunas Norte, as well as explorations and administrative premises in the capital city of Lima.

Mina Laguna Norte is a gold mine operated by Barrick Gold Corporation in the Peruvian Andes, in the La Libertad region. A total of five communities are based in the area.

Minera Pierina, meanwhile, in the Ancash region, is Peru’s fifth-largest gold mine, also operated by Barrick Gold Corporation, employing around 450 inhabitants of eight local communities, carrying out supporting activities such as reforestation, erosion control and community development projects on a rotation basis.

For the past two years, the G4S team of around 190 based at Mina Lagunas Norte, Minera Pierina and in Lima have been named as Barrick’s most environmentally safe and socially responsible strategic partner.

“This was in part due to our constant participation in actions aimed at social welfare in the communities surrounding these locations,” said Carlos Ríos, Operational Coordinator of G4S in Barrick.

“For instance, in El Bado, close to Mina Laguna Norte, last year we donated sporting equipment, including volleyball and soccer kits, balls, mats and so on, to support local schools in delivering physical education to students.”

He added: “Initiatives such as this make a big difference to some of the less wealthy communities we support.”

Héctor Aguilar Tolentino, a school principal in El Bado, said: “Every year, G4S gets involved in helping out the children in our community, and their contribution helps improve the quality and standard of education of our students.”

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