World-wide knowledge sharing
helps customers access innovative security solutions

In 2017, G4S in Denmark came up with a concept, named The G4S Academy, that would create closer contact between industry experts and customers. They did this to ensure that businesses get more out of their investments in security, through increasing their access to information, analysis, and innovative tools to help them build more efficient security programmes.

Following its success, this concept was replicated in more regions, and today, the G4S Academy encourages open dialogue and knowledge sharing between G4S’s own specialists, customers and stakeholders on a global scale.

The vision and focus areas for this global launch are simple. G4S continues to gather numerous industry experts from around the globe to create aligned and connected resources. 

“With a workforce in excess of half a million people, we have so many experts with different skills and industry expertise, all across the world” explains Steen Bonke Sørensen, G4S Academy Global Director. “We want to give these experts a platform to share what they know with colleagues and customers.”

With a workforce in excess of half a million people, we have so many experts with different skills and industry expertise, all across the world. We want to give these experts a platform to share what they know with colleagues and customers.

The G4S Academy is committed to creating an intelligent culture that challenges traditional ways of thinking, embracing and adapting to technological change, and anticipating future security demands by leveraging in-house knowledge and sharing it with customers.  
Steen Bonke Sørensen continues, “With this collective intelligence, we’ve created the G4S Academy Repository, a content creation and communication platform for education materials, useful guides, case studies, tools and newsletters. In the past, we have provided customers with tools, such as risk analysis matrices, which have allowed them to evaluate the biggest risks to their operations, and optimise their security programmes respectively without having to completely upgrade or invest in costly solutions.”   
Taking this one step further, the G4S Academy Network hosts meetings, seminars and conferences for industry experts from around the globe to engage with one another. The G4S Academy has built networks of people who specialise in the same industry. For example, pharmaceutical security managers from around the globe connect four times a year to discuss best practices and new ideas, and even develop new solutions together, which can then be rolled out globally. These networks are internal as well as external, giving customers and other stakeholders the opportunity to take part in this knowledge-sharing.  
Together, their aim is to create solutions for the future. This is where the G4S Academy Forum comes into play, which allows G4S specialists, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, to come together to innovate, generate new ideas and co-create new solutions.
"Our mission is to use our global knowledge and expertise to create industry-leading solutions, products and services together that will improve how we provide safety, security and business value to our customers," says Steen Bonke Sørensen.

"The foundation stones we have put in place, from communication platforms and HR methodologies to creating collaborative networks of like-minded people, will bring us together in a way we have never done before – delivering value for our customers and stakeholders."

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