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Security beyond just access control
in Mining and heavy industry

Mine landscape
Mining is a hazardous occupation with elevated risks of injury, and the emphasis placed on health and safety has never been greater. G4S has a proud history of providing security at some of the world’s biggest mines.

Our mining security solution has evolved over many years, from access control to a far more holistic approach. 

Suveer Gajoo, Regional Director for G4S in South Africa tells us more...

Our solution for the mining industry is driven by our proprietary software called G4S XTime.

G4S XTime was first developed by G4S over 15 years ago and forged within the mining and heavy industry sector, it has since become a mainstay of security at large mining and industrial sites across South Africa enabling our clients to secure their time and resources. G4S XTime has subsequently been utilised in all other sectors including Business & Industry, Warehousing & Logistics, Manufacturing etc. drawing on the experience from the mining industry and adapting it.

Technology driven solution

It’s a technology driven solution that uses a variety of peripherals including RFID, barcodes, QR codes and biometrics to automate authentication and speed up the process of validating an employee's credentials, compliance, HSEQ status and access rights. There are more than a hundred validations that can take place upon a single scan of an employee, contractor or visitor. Platforms can include anything from ruggedised tablets, mobile phones or customised kiosk interfaces.

Through continued in-house development, G4S XTime continues to expand and grow with business requirements that are constantly changing - it’s a business optimisation tool that can manage various aspects of business processes that reside on a centralised platform.

Seamless integration

G4S XTime boasts a strong integration platform which enables seamless integration with other platforms such as payroll, and there is the option for custom plug-ins to accommodate any client specific rules pertaining to their data processing requirements.

The system is modular to allow each client to tailor it to their needs. Bespoke additions for the mining industry include the equipment module which uses RFID technology to measure the presence of safety equipment on the employee, and will only grant access if it’s present when the employee clocks to gain access to their work area. Other modules include the Fatigue Management module which manages the hours an employee works and how long they rest before they are allowed back onto site.

Saving money

G4S XTime has saved our clients significant amounts of money through its ability to track overtime and reduce the opportunity for inaccurate submissions. The software suite pulls time and attendance into a centralised platform, easing payroll processing. On average our clients have found that their initial investment is recouped after just 24 months.

G4S XTime is combined with manned services like tactical response teams and drone technology to provide the full suite of security services, and the best part is that because we own the IP the system is always getting better and adapting to the changing needs of our customers. 

It’s a future proof technology solution that’s changing the mining industry's approach to security. To find out more, visit