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G4S Risk Consulting Global Forecast for Q3 2016

G4S Risk Consulting is proud to present the Global Forecast for Q3 2016, once again in collaboration with Roubini Global Economics.

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The report traces key developments in security and regional economies, identifying trends that may impact operating environments, allowing clients to better mitigate the highlighted threats. 

Developments covered in our Global Forecast 2016 Q3 include: 

  • The extant threat of terrorism across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. 
  • Likelihood of increased civil unrest throughout Q3, particularly in the Americas, over infrastructure deficiencies, political and economic crises, and election campaigns 
  • Health and environment concerns, including disease pandemics and the associated risks of famine and drought 
  • The global impact of Brexit as the result appears to have triggered a risk-off environment 
  • The ongoing challenges for emerging markets as low commodity prices endure      

G4S Risk Consulting and Roubini bring expert insights to provide our clients a holistic global risk outlook.

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