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Securing Healthcare In Fragile States


Delivering medical care in fragile and conflict affected states is complex and fraught with challenges. G4S provides integrated security solutions and wider support functions to healthcare services in challenging environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

In 2018, G4S carried out security risk assessments of the French Medical Institution for Mothers and Children, a non profit hospital in Kabul providing medical care and working towards improvements in health services in Afghanistan. Despite its aims, the hospital attracts a high threat profile due to its connections to the Afghan government, western NGOs and focus on the empowerment of women. G4S made a number of recommendations to enhance security at the hospital, without greatly hindering access for staff, patients and visitors, and a programme of increased resilience is currently being implemented.

During the Ebola Crisis, G4S supported the UK Department for International Development by managing and maintaining their vehicle fleet in Sierra Leone – an essential service that ensured that their aid and healthcare workers could reach affected communities. To help us ensure the ongoing sustainability of the programme, we implemented accredited training and mentoring for our locally employed staff.

Alongside our security operations at Baghdad International airport, G4S has a medical clinic that provides a 24/7 medical service to G4S staff and international clients. The clinic offers emergency and primary care services, complemented by diagnostic care. Paramedics are available to provide many types of treatment, from simple procedures to dealing with more serious conditions or to stabilise a critically ill or injured person before an evacuation.