Pay and Reward

We monitor our pay rates and benefits to ensure they are at least as favourable as market rates.
Care and Justice Staff

Incentivising and recognising success

Recognition and praise is vital in an industry where employees go to extraordinary lengths to deliver, sometimes in challenging and hostile environments. Businesses have developed separate approaches to recognition awards and they all link to our values and the behaviours which underpin them. Across our senior management team, we offer bonus plans which incentivise high performance while upholding our values. For many operational employees, we negotiate terms and conditions with trade unions operating across the industry, which helps ensure our pay is competitive with market rates. We seek out a wide range of benefits which offer good value for our employees, and where possible, support for their families too.

Our People

546,000 people work for G4S making it one of the world's largest private employers. 
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our employees

Our employees and services touch the lives of others every day, providing crucial services to keep them safe and secure.
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