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Who We Are

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G4S Secure Solutions Limited Mozambique, is part of a multinational Corporation, operating in over 100 countries. In Mozambique we have approximately 12,000 employees, and besides the Public Sector, we are the second largest employer in the country, and the largest employer as far as the private sector is concerned. G4S tops the leadership of the sector, because of the capacity for providing innovative, low-cost and integrated security solutions to our customers.
Our global expertise and experience enable us to share best practices and knowledge locally. Working in partnership with our customers, our services are designed to meet their complete security and cash management requirements, reducing their risk and enabling them to focus on their core business activities. 
 Here in Mozambique there are three main business areas:
• Manned Security 
• Cash In Transit (CIT)
• Integrated Security Services – Electronic Security and Special Services (DSI) 
In other words, we may also say that G4S ‘secures your world’. 

What we offer

We specialise in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. We use our global expertise and our local knowledge in the assessment and management of security and safety risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables, people and society.
We develop long-term strategic partnerships with customers in key sectors where we can help them to deliver their own business objectives through either increasing their revenues, reducing costs, managing risks, protecting critical assets or improving their service delivery to the customers they serve. We do this by understanding the environments in which our customers operate, the pressures they face and the things that matter to them most. 
In the Africa Region, G4S is one of the largest sector employers and the largest security company in Africa. G4S is also the only private security company in Africa that has ever been awarded Top Employer certification. 

G4S Mozambique is one of the 13 G4S countries in Africa that received 2017 Top Employer Certification. 
We therefore have a very important role to play in our African communities. We make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.  We believe this role can only grow in importance.