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Dealings by Directors

Dealings by Directors and persons discharging managerial responsibility
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(Disclosures made in accordance with DTR 3.1.2R)

The company has been informed that on 23 March 2010, the trustee of the G4S Employee Benefit Trust (the "Trust") transferred the beneficial interest in the below mentioned ordinary shares in the Company (the "Shares") subject to allocations granted under the Company's Performance Share Plan (the "PSP"), to the following persons discharging managerial responsibility ("PDMRs"):

Participant   Shares, subject to PSP allocations, transferred to PDMRs*
Nick Buckles   322,166
Trevor Dighton   199,240
Irene Cowden   78,933
Søren Lundsberg-Neilsen   70,373
Ken Niven   83,980

The deemed value of the shares in each case was £2.631 per share.

* The Shares will be held on behalf of the PDMR by the trustee of the Trust. The entire number Shares transferred to the PDMR remain subject to a risk of forfeiture until such time as the forfeiture provisions imposed at the date of grant of the allocation, in particular upon a cessation of employment, no longer apply.

No Shares will be sold to cover the taxation and other statutory withholding obligations arising on the transfer of the beneficial interest in the Shares to the PDMR. The PDMR is to pay such amounts to the Company out of his or her own funds.

Peter David
Company Secretary