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Capital Markets Day 2011

G4S, the international security solutions group, is holding its annual strategy update for analysts and institutional investors tomorrow morning (Wednesday 25 May 2011)

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G4S CEO Nick Buckles will comment on the group’s recent performance and the medium term outlook for the business and will say: “G4S has a unique strategy and geographic network to take advantage of some positive global security market trends. Whilst our Cash Solutions businesses and those in Eastern Europe still face challenging market environments, our significant New Markets businesses continued to grow strongly during the global recession and we now expect them to return to their double-digit growth trends. We are also encouraged to see growth recover in some of our developed secure solutions markets.

"As a result of these global security market trends and improved GDP and inflation outlook we expect that, by the end of 2012, organic growth and EPS growth will return to the levels achieved in the years prior to the recession.”

No new material information will be disclosed during the capital markets day, nor will there be any additional statement on current trading beyond what was in the group's IMS announcement on 10 May 2011.


G4S Capital Markets Day 2011 - Presentation 1

G4S Capital Markets Day 2011 - Presentation 2