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Dealings by directors and persons discharging managerial responsibility

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The Company has granted the following conditional allocations of its ordinary shares under the Company's 2012 Performance Share Plan, to the following persons discharging managerial responsibility ("PDMRs"):

PDMR Shares allocated

Director     Share allocation
Nick Buckles   598,996  
Trevor Dighton 276,043
Grahame Gibson 290,084
Irene Cowden 135,315
Graham Levinsohn 109,605
Søren Lundsberg-Nielsen 117,837
Debbie McGrath  95,622
Dan Ryan 136,956
David Taylor-Smith 158,657
Willem van de Ven 151,972

(Disclosures made in accordance with DTR 3.1.2R)

Allocations vest after three years and are subject to performance and employment criteria.

Peter David
Company Secretary