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A Safe Return To Live Sport

A major UK sporting governing body recently tasked G4S with securing a safe return to live sport following the suspension caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our challenge was to provide a secure and safe environment for a three match series between two international teams.

With the matches being played behind closed doors, the G4S team was required to ensure strict quarantine and infection control measures were followed to protect players, hotel and stadium staff, and the media. The visiting teams would arrive at the Airport and be securely transported to the hotel beside the ground. There, they spent 14 days in quarantine as per government guidelines – also having access to the training area, dressing rooms, and pitch.


In the case of this project the goals of the venue were clearly displayed:

  • To support the well-being of players and match officials by providing a COVID secure environment.
  • Avoid delays in access to match premises and facilities whilst implementing the necessary protocols.
  • Implement COVID protocols to ensure compliance with Government guidelines.


The G4S Events team spent four months on-site and played a lead role in delivering a safe environment. Our events team arrived on site a couple of days before the first international team arrived, locking the site down and making sure all staff on site – including hotel staff, caterers and broadcasters – had taken C19 tests and received a negative result.

During the internationals, everyone coming onto the site needed to have a ‘health passport’ – which meant using an app to complete a questionnaire. The next step was to pass through a thermal imaging camera. If the temperature was below the threat level, the G4S would scan their accreditation and the staff would be allowed inside.


The G4S events team received some fantastic feedback from the venue and the international teams that participated. The team were friendly and reassuring throughout and made sure people did what was required and got to where they needed to be.

They played a key role in making sure that the series took place safely with no positive returns during the series. At what was, and continues to be, a difficult time for everyone G4S were delighted to play a leading role in bringing back international sport.


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