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Kuehne + Nagel combines people
with smart tech to secure assets

Kuehne + Nagel director speaking with a G4S officer
As a global player in the logistics sector, Kuehne + Nagel partnered with G4S to create a comprehensive integrated security programme that keeps its customers’ goods safe by combining the best people with the latest technology. 

Over the past 125 years, Kuehne + Nagel has evolved from a traditional ship freight company to a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions. In Belgium and Luxembourg, G4S has been a part of securing this success story for nearly 20 years.

"Due to our proximity to major ports and airports, we offer a wide range of services to our customers, such as services for ocean freight, air freight, road transportation and warehousing,” explains Gerry Marynissen, Director IT, QSHE & Facility at Kuehne + Nagel BeLux.

“Our similar global footprint was only one of the reasons we looked to partner with G4S. For us, the extensive security solutions offered by G4S, combining people and technology, were a huge asset.”

The services provided by G4S to K+N BeLux include the static and mobile security of its warehouses, offices, and two secure car parks. Gerry Marynissen explains the need for secure car parks: “When our customers asked us if we had a place to safely park heavy goods vehicles with high-value cargo, we looked for a solution with G4S and put these two car parks into service. And for air and sea freight, G4S also provides detection dogs and guarding services to protect any goods in consignment.”  

Our similar global footprint was only one of the reasons we looked to partner with G4S. For us, the extensive security solutions offered by G4S, combining people and technology, were a huge asset.

Digital monitoring that increases efficiency 

Video surveillance with a central monitoring centre is also provided by G4S, as well as monitoring for fire, intrusion and technical alarms. These technical alarms monitor crucial aspects of on-site operations, as Gerry Marynissen explains:

“Many of our clients are pharmaceutical companies and certain medications need to be stored at a specific temperature, for example between -20 and -25 °C. With the technology we have, any minute deviation is automatically recorded and triggers an immediate intervention from a G4S officer. Changes in temperature can be caused by something as simple, but critical, as a door remaining open. G4S helps to support our security, but also our operational reliability."

Collecting evidence that reassures customers 

Technology and digitalisation are gaining in importance in the supply chain, and G4S gathers and interprets vast amounts of data to support a comprehensive security solution.

K+N BeLux schedules specific site patrols with the new digital platform, ‘G4S Login, which G4S security officers follow scrupulously, taking photographs and checking in at various points on their rounds using a particularly robust smartphone. 

With this tool, K+N BeLux is able to provide evidence to customers that their goods are always protected, and deliver site-specific reports. Marynissen confirms, “this strengthens our position with clients and it’s something our competitors do not offer". 

With short notice, G4S has also been able to react flexibly to the changing demands of K+N BeLux’s customers. For example, the company recently set up a temporary secure warehouse in just a few weeks for a client, providing all technological as well as the human aspects of security.

Marynissen expands: "This is what we appreciate so much in our collaboration. G4S anticipates, ensures that we can work efficiently, and always seeks improvements with us. We really have the feeling that officers are part of our growth, not in a traditional customer-supplier relationship, but in real partnership. 

"We are in the transformation phase. Over the next five years, traditional security officers will continue to benefit from more support from technology and digitalisation. We collect a lot of data, but we must be able to interpret that data quickly and correctly. Artificial intelligence, among other things, should allow us to focus on deviations. We want to evolve our capacity for intelligent security management, based on continuous risk assessment, in order to adapt to constantly changing situations. And G4S is helping us achieve this."