Binding together
technology and security at Bamburi Cement, Kenya


Bamburi Cement, based in Kenya, is the largest manufacturer of cement in Eastern Africa, producing around 5,000 tonnes of it every day. 

Its operations are vast, with two mega plants located in Mombasa and Athi River that run 24/7.
Each plant fills 300 trucks with cement on an average day, creating a formidable logistical operation.

Anyone who has used cement to mix concrete knows the importance of having the correct ratio of water, cement and sand - too much water and you’re left with an unmanageable mess… too much sand and it grinds to a halt. 

Providing security at these vast sites presents a similar challenge - too much interference and operations seize up... too little oversight and the risks from theft and organised crime increase.

Nicholas Mbithi, Contract Manager, in Kenya tells us how G4S has got its ratios just right...
G4S Security guard in Kenya
Here in Kenya we are one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a dynamic private sector, highly skilled workforce and youthful population. New infrastructure and construction is in high demand, but none of it would be possible without access to a material we all take for granted - cement.

Bamburi Cement had a challenge for G4S - to improve the level of security at its sites without impacting on the high intensity of its operations. How could we ensure 300 trucks a day were being loaded correctly without causing a backlog? And how could we eliminate the risks posed by criminal elements that were targeting the sector?

The answer was technology, and its seamless integration with our manned guarding services and customer operations. 

Prior to our partnership, truck inspection reports were filled in manually with pen and paper, which meant any discrepancies were not easy to resolve, and the data was open to manipulation. The order forms filled in by truck drivers were also pen and paper, which meant they were often misplaced, or the release time was deliberately altered so they could jump the queue.

Introducing technology-led solutions not only made the customer’s operations smoother, it also made them more transparent and traceable. 
Introducing technology-led solutions not only made the customer’s operations smoother, it also made them more transparent and traceable.
Nicholas Mbithi, G4S contract manager working with Bamburi Cement
All our security officers on site carry an electronic device to track their observations, and inspection reports are completed on the devices, creating a fully automated reporting system for the customer. 

The installation of surveillance cameras in the cement loading areas has allowed our CCTV operators to monitor the loading and sealing process, from a safe distance on site. They can ensure that each truck is loaded as assigned, with the right volume of material. Having this oversight of a key part of the customers operation has significantly reduced their exposure to disputes and theft through collusion.

Another area G4S has had a tangible impact is with our protection of site perimeters. Due to the abundance of raw materials on site, it was a frequent target for thefts. Through improved reinforcement of electric fences and the installation of motion sensors, we are able to detect any suspicious movements and assign a patroller to immediately investigate.  

As well as physical security measures, we have assisted Bamburi with securing their data too. We are closely monitoring their firewall performance, and access to their server room is remotely controlled by us to prevent unauthorised intrusions. An access control biometric system was introduced to identify all staff on site, and assist with monitoring working hours and overtime.

Our role at Bamburi has moved beyond being a security provider to being a trusted advisor. For more information on how we could help your operations in Kenya and beyond, visit our Kenya website
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