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G4S publishes 2015 CSR Report

G4S, the world’s leading global integrated security company, has today published its 2015 CSR report
Indian G4S employee

G4S plays an important role in society.  Our employees deliver services that create a safer and better environment in which millions of people live and work.

Our CSR report outlines how corporate values are at the heart of G4S’ day-to-day business activity and are underpinned by the company’s CSR strategies.  It covers the core CSR priorities, formed as a result of a broad stakeholder consultation process which took place last year, and also provides an update on the targets set in 2015 as part of  G4S’ CSR strategy. 

Health and Safety: The safety of our employees and those in our care is a key priority for the group.  We have made improvements to our health and safety practices across the business, with a particular focus on management accountability as well as incident prevention and best practice sharing.  The report provides an update on G4S’ continued focus on safety, including the development of the group’s health and safety management system, implementation of themed programmes to target common risk areas, and the delivery of mandatory safety training to our managers.

Human Rights: Our human rights framework has been embedded into key systems and business decision-making processes across the group, such as evaluating new market entries, analysing the risks of entering into major new contracts or operational areas, and internal audit and compliance assessment.  In addition to a status and progress report on our human rights framework, the report highlights some of the many services through which G4S contributes positively to the realisation of human rights, such as raising industry standards, enabling the rehabilitation of offenders, the location and removal of landmines and other unexploded remnants of war, and supporting international development in post-conflict environments.

Business Ethics and Anti-Bribery and Corruption
: Every person at G4S has a responsibility to ensure that we uphold our values, adhere to the law and operate in a manner that is consistent with the commitments set out in our ethics policy and ethics code.  The report highlights the steps taken during 2015 to support our code of ethics, such as the development and launch of Speak Out - a new and enhanced global whistleblowing process and case management system. Creating an environment in which our colleagues feel confident that they will be taken seriously and without fear of retaliation is essential to the success of the business and is one of our priorities for 2016.

Ashley Almanza, Group CEO, G4S plc, said: “Being a sustainable, ethical business is crucial to the ongoing success of G4S.  Our values and our approach to embedding CSR strategies into our business are key differentiators for the group.  They help us to attract and retain employees, to win and keep customers, and to obtain appropriate investment in the group.”

Reflecting the focus and importance we place on ethics and sustainability, G4S has implemented a multi-layered CSR reporting framework, led by its Integrated Report (PDF 18093.5 KB) and supported by its CSR Report and the relevant CSR sections of its website.