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Thomas Bardijns career journey to the Head of Legal at G4S Belgium France and Luxembourg

After studying at the VUB and a number of short internships at law firms, Thomas Bardijn started as a junior corporate lawyer at G4S Belgium in 2017, and rose to Head of Legal for G4S Belgium, France and Luxembourg in a relatively short time.
Thomas Bardijn

Thomas Bardijn spoke to the Institute of Company lawyers(IBJ-IJE), a Belgian professional association for company lawyers, to walk us through his career story so far…

“After my law studies, I started in 2017 as a junior corporate lawyer at G4S – a very challenging environment in a fascinating sector. Security is a bit Rock 'n' Roll, even for a lawyer, and I liked that. As my knowledge and skills grew, I was given more responsibilities, heavier files, more complex contracts, GDPR...etc.

“In 2021, when I was 27, the new CEO of G4S Belgium offered me the opportunity to take charge of the legal department for our cluster in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.”

Thomas approaches every day with conviction and dedication to learn as much as possible and best support the company as a legal business partner:

“I have always been extremely ambitious. External people who don't know me are often somewhat surprised when they compare my job title with my age. I am very aware of that, but it doesn't bother me – quite the opposite, in fact! As a result, I often still have the element of surprise on my side. Yes, I'm still young, so what, deal with it, let's talk about the content now and you can judge me afterwards. And then people quickly look past my age.

“No two days are the same. Every day brings new contracts, new files… and, sometimes, the craziest things! Our workload is high, so we have to prioritise – and we also consult with our directors and CEO daily. Personally, I like challenging files, the cases that make you think “oh, we haven't had that yet”. I prefer to work on positive matters, negotiating large contracts, developing advice on new activities, and improving internal procedures. It’s important to me that we contribute directly and positively to our collective success as a company.

“Fortunately, I have been guided by many strong people around me, mainly by our CEO and our CRO. It is partly thanks to their guidance that today I can look back on 2.5 years as Head of Legal and call it a modest success.”

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