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G4S Bangladesh celebrates Shahinur Begum's recognition as US Embassy's "Guard of the Year"

G4S Bangladesh Celebrates Shahinur Begum's Recognition as US Embassy's "Guard of the Year"

We are pleased to announce that Shahinur Begum, a valued member of G4S Bangladesh team, has been named "Guard of the Year 2023" by the US Embassy in Dhaka. This prestigious award recognizes Shahinur's exceptional dedication, commitment, and contributions to security within the region.

Shahinur joined the G4S Bangladesh team in April 2007 and has consistently demonstrated remarkable qualities throughout her tenure. Her colleagues recognize her for her:

  • Outstanding Communication Skills: Shahinur's ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a valuable asset. She fosters strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless information flow and efficient operations.

  • Exceptional Decision-Making Ability: Shahinur possesses a keen eye for detail and a talent for making sound judgments under pressure. Her critical thinking skills contribute significantly to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

  • Deep Understanding of Security: Shahinur's comprehensive knowledge of security protocols and best practices allows her to excel in her role. Her expertise ensures adherence to the highest standards and effective risk mitigation.

Shahinur's unwavering dedication and exceptional skills were instrumental in her selection as "Guard of the Year 2023" by the US Embassy. The award ceremony itself was a momentous occasion, with His Excellency Ambassador Peter Haas personally presenting the recognition to Shahinur.

Shahinur Begum's achievement is a testament to the exceptional calibre of our security personnel at G4S Bangladesh. We are immensely proud of her well-deserved recognition and remain committed to fostering a culture of excellence within our team.

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