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G4S Namibia claims two Golden Arrow awards

At the Awards, hosted by a South African business research magazine, G4S Namibia colleagues were honoured with prestigious titles. Pictured from left to right are Steve Mertens (Operations Director), Corinus Kotzé (Managing Director), and Gisela Lesar (Human Resources Director).
G4S Namibia claims two Golden Arrow awards

G4S Namibia emerged victorious  at the recent Awardsa prestigious ceremony hosted by the well-respected South African business research magazine. This recognition signifies G4S Namibia's exceptional contributions to Namibia's economic well-being and its unwavering commitment to combating crime within the country.

G4S Namibia achieved the coveted 'Gold Arrow' standard (Excellent) in both categories open to security companies participating in the awards. These categories acknowledged G4S Namibia's significant role in:

  • Stimulating Economic Growth and Development: The award recognises G4S Namibia's positive impact on Namibia's economic landscape. This could be through various initiatives, such as job creation, investment in local infrastructure, or fostering a secure environment that attracts businesses and investment.


  • Fighting Crime: G4S Namibia's efforts in tackling crime within the country were lauded. This might involve security solutions, community outreach programmes, or collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

The Awards hold significant weight as the scoring is determined by a nationwide survey. Senior management representatives from leading companies and institutions across Namibia participate in the survey, highlighting the credibility and value of this recognition.

G4S Namibia's achievement at the Awards serves as a testament to the company's dedication to excellence.