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Vijay Kumar: Security Professional, Marathon Runner, and Man With a Heart of Gold

Vijay Kumar

People are and will always be our greatest asset. Their abilities and contributions are an important key to the success of our entire operation. We take a moment to reflect upon accomplishments and pride in knowing that Senior Guard Vijay Kumar has been part of the G4S and US Embassy assignment since May 2001.

Vijay is a native of Himachal Pradesh and is 46 years old. He has been an ace performer at this assignment and is usually deployed at the main entrance because of his cheerful demeanour and dependable professional acumen. Besides being a thorough security professional, Vijay is an agile marathon runner. He is also a trainer and trains the guards. Despite having constraints, Vijay is a role model for many and maintains a high level of fitness and zeal. Vijay is part of the group consisting of US Marines, US Diplomats, and Diplomats of other embassies/high commissions who collectively participate in marathons. Vijay has been invited a number of times to compete in various marathons across India and the Ladakh marathon which is one of the most difficult marathons to run due to the high altitude. Vijay has been running marathon after marathon. His efforts and dedication in discharging his professional obligations and his commitment to running shoes are truly inspirational. Vijay practises marathons after duty hours and is often seen running around the US Embassy compounds. This running machine at times runs from home to workplace and vice versa. 

Based on his competitive timings logged in recent marathons, Vijay has qualified for the upcoming Boston Marathon in the USA in April 2023 which in itself is a feat. He is practicing hard for this marathon. His humbleness and popularity have garnered sponsorship for travel and logistics from many people. The out-of-turn US VISA has been issued by the Embassy as a special case.

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