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Responding to the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey - Colombia

Our employee engagement survey provided the mechanism for employees to feedback their thoughts and concerns. In Colombia the survey leads to new tools to be developed to ensure we are listening to our employees.
Colombian G4S employees

Our employee engagement survey in the 2015 was completed by 449,000 employees. In Colombia, our colleagues expressed concern that they didn’t have an efficient mechanism to raise queries about payroll (and other topics) and when they did raise them they were not receiving timely responses. To address this, the HR department developed an in-house tool, where our colleagues, wherever they are in Colombia, can raise any concerns about their pay. This has led to a reduction in payroll queries through other channels like email, or through supervisors.

The concerns are answered within the following five working days, and on average about 160 payroll queries are raised through this new tool each month.