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Creating the right culture

The G4S values are embedded in the standards, policies and guidance which we set out to help employees and managers perform.
G4S Values Flash Card


To help our front-line operational employees understand the behaviours we expect, and the decisions they should take in line with our values, we have launched a range of learning and awareness materials. These materials include an animated video, scenario-based flashcards, presentations and an online exercise. The materials draw on over 90 scenarios from all product and service lines and are designed to promote discussion and to guide behaviour in line with our values.

They address topics like harassment, bribery and corruption, the care and treatment of others, breaches of health and safety rules and inappropriate use of social media. To ensure these materials remain relevant we will continue to add different scenarios whenever new values-based operational situations are identified which can help guide our employees.

Work is now underway on values training materials for our managers, using our newly revised competency framework. In line with our values, this refreshed framework defines leadership and management behaviours in terms of how managers should act today, plan for tomorrow, and build relationships. The framework is used in our selection processes as well as our 360 degree review process to assess performance and future potential. It enables us to gather insight into what colleagues have achieved as well as whether they have done so in a way which is consistent with our values.

While having a common set of values helps set G4S apart from the competition, as a global employer we also appreciate that having a diverse workforce enables us to better understand our differing customer needs, and harnessing this diversity is critical to driving innovation. Feedback from our latest global employee survey indicates that 84% of employees who responded believe that the company values people from different backgrounds, and in 2018 we will continue our focus on diversity to ensure we maximise the benefits it brings.