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Building an optimal
integrated security programme for your business

Every day, customers from around the world work alongside G4S specialists to build the most efficient and cost-effective integrated security programmes that meet their requirements. 
At G4S we describe integrated security as our combination of expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics, to manage risks and enhance value for our customers. 
Many factors come into play when selecting the most optimal combination of solutions for you, and it’s important to really understand your business, your risks, and the security measures at your disposal to do so successfully. 
Our experts believe that the best way to start is with a risk assessment, before beginning to solution design your security process. This is because risks are created by potential threats which exploit the vulnerabilities of your assets, and the purpose of security is to put in place measures that counter these potential threats and reduce their vulnerabilities. So, through a Risk-Based Approach, you are able to identify the most appropriate countermeasures more effectively. 

You can read more detailed advice from our experts by downloading our G4S Academy Security Risk Management Guide

And you can also try our free online G4S Risk Assessment: The first step in our process to helping organisations understand their security risks.

Throughout this process, you may need technical assistance to help you sift through and compare the thousands and thousands of security products and services available on the market in order to select the best ones for you. 

Firstly, the right solution for you will depend on how critical your assets are, and the types of threats targeting them. Secondly, your unique business strategy and values as an organisation will also affect how you shape your solution. And thirdly, the risks affecting your type of business and the level of compliance needed will also have to be taken into account to ensure your solution is in line with any rules and regulations in your sector. 

Most importantly, the optimal integrated security programme has to be as future proof as possible. In developing your integrated security programme you will need to choose security measures that will align with the most recent technological developments, as modern systems can assist you in finding the best balance between cost and protection, by weighing recurring costs against investment costs.

Our specialists can help you navigate through these robust risk processes, and select the best people, the latest technology and most appropriate data analytics tools which are tailored to your needs. 

You can read more advice from our experts on how to select the best solutions for your business by downloading the latest G4S Academy guide on integrated security.

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